International Sacred Sound Healing Therapist

International Sacred Sound Healing Therapist

International Sacred Sound Healing TherapistInternational Sacred Sound Healing Therapist

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Thank you for teaching me, for being in my life and making such a difference. Shine on - love you. EM, Canada

Thank you Carla Rose for your beautiful healing music.  I had tears running down my cheeks! ML, England

I've never felt that kind of peace or love before!  Thank-you so much!  RM, Arizona

What is involved in a Sacred Sound Healing session?

In a Sacred Sound Healing session, you lie comfortably on a massage table, or yoga mat, if in a group setting.  You lie on your own bed, or couch if it's an online session.  Carla Rose Kelly plays sounds and music based on your specific needs.  The music is all intuitive, improvised in the moment, based on what your mind, body and soul needs for its highest healing.  The Sacred Sounds help to balance and heal your energy centers, chakras, meridian lines and energy pathways throughout the body that may have been blocked.  The vibrations gently release stress, emotional and physical pain from the body, allowing for a free-flow of energy through your channels. This moves your body towards wellness.  Carla Rose uses a variety of instruments such as piano, shakers, drums, flutes, harp, chimes, tuning forks, vocals and various other percussion instruments. Her vocals are always positive affirmations that empower the mind, body and soul.  

Her methodology and practice is based on the latest research on neuroscience, psychology, music & medicine, health and spirituality.

WHO are the sessions for?

These treatments are developed to bring Sacred Sound Healing to individuals, groups, and organizations.  They are personalized around the needs of the client(s), such as relief of depression, trauma, pain, or purely for relaxation and stress relief. Its is safe for infants and children as well.

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